Responses for the question, “Why are people so addicted to facebook?

Well I have read my responses, and I figured this would happen. 11/17 people are addicted to facebook! 4/17 Are not, and 2/7 kind of are. Well usually I would preveiw my next post, but I am still thinking of a question to figure out! So in my process of thinking, send me a idea, mabey I’ll use it! Check in from time-to-time for updated posts, pages, and tags! Don’t forget to follow me! Thanks!

Why are people so addicted to Facebook?

My most recent question is why is everyone, including me, addicted to the social network, Facebook?  I have researched for atleast 3 days now, and found that Facebook is designed to pull you away from the real world.  When you get a friend request, you get pulled from everything around you to see who he/she is.  When you are thinking about logging off, Facebook pulls you back in because you check your profile before you sign off, wasting more time from your day.  Also a big reason is because there is something called Instant Messaging.

Instant Messaging

                Instant Messaging is a way to talk to your facebook friends instantly, of course, they have to be online, but one reason it pulls you away from the real world is you may just be  getting bored and about to log off, when someone instant messages you, therefor creating another reason facebook is wasting time of everyones lifes.

World-Wide Freindships

                 World-wide freindships, another biggy.  I am freinds with people from all over the world, people I have never met before I know better than some of my closest freinds.  Why?  The little button ” Send Freind Request.”  I have over 500 freinds and probably know 200 of them. (meening ive met them of course)  This is also a big reason you cant get away from facebook, your always meeting people.  As mentioned before I know some people Ive never met better than many of my best freinds.  Thats CRAZY!  So yea another big reason why people cant get away from face book.

Mobile App

                  People are trying to stop texting and driving, well its not illegal to send Facebook status updates now is it?  Phone apps, Ipod Apps, Facebook is everywhere!   You can send a instant message to someone across the planet in your car too!  Mobile apps are getting out there too, all you need is a phone service, I prefer verizon.(:  Ok what will be the future of facebook, I meen theres apps for facebook on your TV too. Next thing you know the world is going to create a Facebook touchpad!  I have to give It to the man with all the bragging rights, Mark Zuckerburg.

Mark Zuckerburg

                Born May 14th, 1984, Mark Zuckerburg became one of the most genius people in the world!  He is a Computer Scientest, Software Developer, and Philanthropist. Best known for creating the site, Facebook.  He created facebook with a couple of his classroom freinds, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes while they went to Harvard University. In 2010 Mark was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.


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Responses to the “What clothing do you prefer” Survey.

Hello, I recently posted a survey on what do teens prefer more, name brand, or off brand clothing. I thought Name Brand would win but suprisingly I added a “both” tab and it won with 22 votes! The voting results are open to look at, click here to see them.
Ok well getting to the point now, it seems that if Off brand feels good, fits right, and looks cool, teens will wear it, its just that most of the time name brand clothing feel better, for a higher price. One person preferd Off brand and said “My parents cant afford it.” You know thats brave to say, but hey, if thats all you can get, it alright.  Ok, getting to the topic out of about 45 votes, name brand finishes with 21 votes, off brand finshes with 2 votes, and both finished with 22! What a close final score! I couldnt belive it but now I guess my question has been answerd! Thanks to all the people that did the survey, every vote counted! Ok well, my next blog entry is coming soon, stay tuned in!


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Information on “Why do teens prefer Name Brand more than off brand?”

List of info gatherd from various websites

  • The popular kids wear name brand, so others follow.
  • Name Brand has a larger selections of clothes.
  • Trends are sold instead of one design.
  • Shallow Society
  • Better made, off brand clothes dont feel the same.
  • Off brand clothing isnt in style most of the time.
  • Name Brand clothing is more comfortable.
  • Name Brand clothing doesnt shrink as much.
  • Name Brand clothing is advertised on various TV shows.
  • Name Brand looks better when you wear it.
  • Name Brand makes you feel better then you really are.

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