Responses to the “What clothing do you prefer” Survey.

Hello, I recently posted a survey on what do teens prefer more, name brand, or off brand clothing. I thought Name Brand would win but suprisingly I added a “both” tab and it won with 22 votes! The voting results are open to look at, click here to see them.
Ok well getting to the point now, it seems that if Off brand feels good, fits right, and looks cool, teens will wear it, its just that most of the time name brand clothing feel better, for a higher price. One person preferd Off brand and said “My parents cant afford it.” You know thats brave to say, but hey, if thats all you can get, it alright.  Ok, getting to the topic out of about 45 votes, name brand finishes with 21 votes, off brand finshes with 2 votes, and both finished with 22! What a close final score! I couldnt belive it but now I guess my question has been answerd! Thanks to all the people that did the survey, every vote counted! Ok well, my next blog entry is coming soon, stay tuned in!


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2 thoughts on “Responses to the “What clothing do you prefer” Survey.”

  1. That was a great blog I thought i could have used a picture or two of something like comparing name brand to off brand jeans or shirt

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