Increasing your Physical Performance.

Today I will be writing about Physical Performance Boosts, I will be telling you about how these small factors will increase your Physical Performance by a long shot!

Sleep is up first, Physical Performance relies on sleep, If you don’t keep a steady sleeping rate of about 8-9 hours of sleep a night, your Physical Abilities will be greatly decreased, and your physical appearance will show it.   Lack of sleep can cause baggy eyes, bad moods, and aches and pains. Also, keeping this rate of sleep will make you feel more awake during the day.  So If your thinking about starting to work out and exercise, sleeping well is highly recommended.

Next we have Energy Drinks.  When I say energy drinks, I don’t mean Monster, or Rockstar, or Amp.  I mean Gatorade, and Powerade, drinks that don’t have an extreme sugar level, but still energize and hydrate your body.  The main reason NOT to use Monster, Rockstar, and Amp is because of crashing.  This is when high levels of sugar enter the body and leaves you drowsy and weak.  You will have headaches, you will be extremely tired, and you will NOT be in the right condition to work out.  It is kind of like a hangover, except not with Alcohol.  Sports Drinks should be used Before, Breaks, and After workouts/ exercises.  Or when you feel that you need a drink.  Times like when you are over heating and you can feel it is the times when you need the drink at that very moment.  There is one more factor to hydrating your self properly for these events.  While drinking the sports drink, do not guzzle it down, take a sip, swish it around for about 3 seconds then swallow.  Do this about 3 times.  Guzzling your drink will not help with hydration, your body cannot process a bunch of something at one time.  So if you guzzle water it will help with nothing.

Now for Snacks.  This is a very important factor, if you under eat, you will be under energized.  Eat too much and you will get major cramps, and have a slight chance of puking. Also if you eat too much you will become “out of shape” during your workouts causing time the time of your workouts to decrease. Always eat HEALTHY items in the process of working out/ exercising.  Such as Fruit, Sports Bars, Vegetables, and Grilled/ Steamed Meats.  You should not eat before exercising, eat after, or take small bites as you get through your work out.  Meals and Major Snack should be eaten later on in the day.  I highly recommend making Protein Smoothies.  And at the end of this paragraph I will provide a recipe.  These are for after work outs, and are great if you are trying to burn off fat and produce muscle mass.  A recipe will be shown below.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Required items

  • Blender
  • Mixed sorts of berries
  • Protein Mix
  • Ice
  • A Cup (Recommended)

Now to get started.  Put your ice in to your blender, fill about 3/4 of the way full.  Now add your desired amount of protein mix, for this recipe I recommend a vanilla flavored mix.  After adding this, add your desired amount of berries, for this I recommend Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, and I know its not a berry but slices of Banana.  These fruits should be refrigerated/frozen.  Now, time to blend, set your blender for high until your smoothie looks about done.  Pour into your cup, and enjoy a healthy, protein smoothie.(:  *I take no responsibility if you are hurt in any way during this recipe.  Make with caution.*

Another main factor is reducing your daily stress, if your stressed out your energy levels will deplete, and you will be in horrible exercising condition.  Some symptoms will occur if you are overly stressed.  You may feel drowsy, the lack of focus, and burnout.  If any of these symptoms occur you may be overstressed.  Ways of reducing physical and mental stress is, Meditation, Pet therapy, Laughter, Massages, Socialization, Playing a musical instrument, or Increasing Physical Activity, there are many more, but for more information on reducing stress, visit this website.

Now,  Stretching, and Pre-Workouts.  This is your first step to working out, without a stretch routine, you will have major cramps and chances of sprains.  Stretches is a very important factor of exercising, so please add this to your workout routine.  Many stretches are common such as the butterfly, right over left, jumping jacks, hands to feet, and arms over the other.  Butterfly stretch is when you put the sole of your shoe against the other, pull your feet in as far as possible, and then push down on your knees.  This stretches your thigh, very important for balance during a work out.  Right over left is when you put your legs straight out, then put your right leg over the other, plant your foot, and turn the opposite direction, this works your leg, and partially your side.  Good for doing leg based workouts.  Jumping Jacks, this is when you stand feet together hands down, jump, and when you land, split your legs and throw your hands up. Then jump and go back to attention.  This helps your ability to jump or to many youth, “hops.”  The hands to feet stretch is for working your sides and legs, you spread your legs, then go right hand left foot for 25 seconds, then left hand right leg same amount.  For better results in stretching go middle as well.  One arm behind the head and pushing on your elbow works your shoulders, and neck area.  When doing this, place your right hand on your left shoulder blade coming over the right side of your head.  Then place your left hand on your right elbow, and push.  Do the same with the opposite arm and hand.  Now for Cardio stretches, these are for calming your heartbeat down back to normal after a workout.  These include deep breathes, and lifting and lowering your arms.  Deep breathes should be at least 3 seconds long, this slows your heart rate down to normal, when you work out your pulse will jump up to performance standards.  And when you stop your heart rate will take a little while to slow down, deep breathes will increase the rate in which your heart rate slows down.  This is also a stress reliever, deep breathing will calm you down, and becoming calm means you can focus on more events.  This raps up my research paper and I hope you have tried these small factors!  Thanks for reading!


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Retelling your Novel: Hunger Games.

Event 1 is when Katniss had a flashback after boarding the train, then Event 2 was when Peeta got punched in the jaw by Haymitch, then Event 3 was when Katniss and Peeta un boarded the train and went to the entry for the Games. Event 4 is when they are at the hotel and are about to go to bed and Katniss yells at Peeta. Event 5 is Katniss running to her room after shooting at the judges.  Event 6 is when she finds that she scored and 11.

Cyberbullying leads to Suicide.

In class today we learned about Cyberbullying, there was this kid named Ryan. He killed himself because of a rumor going around school and the web that he was homosexual, and he told this anonymous Instant Messager the night was right to do it, and the kid says, “Phew, Its about f***ing time!”  Then the last message Ryan sent was “Tommarow Ill be in the papers.” This is the stuff that kills people, rumors, bullying, and fights. Its horrible, this kid has been harrased in to death. Cyberbullying is no joke. A couple months back one of my very good friends Carlos Delsalto comitted suicide because of  harrasment from his ex-girlfriend, we need to find a way to prevent this! There is nothing in the world that should make you commit to suicide. Live your life! When you grow up and your successful and there still in school, you’ll be the one smiling about life, not them. Do me a favor if you read this. If you know someone or you are someone that wants to commit to death, do me a favor and dont do it! Grow up! The person is just trying to get into your head! Never drop to the level of Suicide. Please.

Buzzer Beater

As the perspiration from his deep brown hair rolled slowly down his cheek, and fell to the waxed hardwood, he knew this was the last chance, to prove him self a champion.  His eyes were almost golden from the above light, which intimidated his defender even more. He stared, each time the ball hit the floor his stare got stronger, and stronger. He was so focused, he could almost hear his defender breathing.

 As he bounced the ball, the timer ticked second by second. He tried harder, harder but couldnt get past the D, hes tried every move he knows! Getting to the rim seems impossible being a army of one! 

Finally he has reached his destination and shot into action as if leaving a gun. Left, right the boy cut back and forth almost as if he was a snake!  His eyes never left the defender’s face, until finally he had cut him off. 

Throwing the ball at the ground to catch as it flew back to his hand, spinning and cutting through little paths he looked like he was getting no where! Until finally jumping in to his time to shine.

  His elbows angled perfectly, he has reached the highest point of his jump, the defender reached him a second to late, he realesed.  As the ball flew through the air, spinning, the surrounding crowd became quiet, so quiet that if someone dropped a needle you would hear it hit the bleachers. The pupils of the players focused in through the blur of there sweaty lashes, following the amazing shot.

 The taller boys leaping for the ball, none able to reach and falling back to the ground. 3, 2, 1. The buzzer rang right as the ball fell gracefully through the hoop!  The crowd roared with excitement and the boy’s arms shot out into the air.  He had done it!  He had made the game winning shot!

Justice Research Response

For this what i notice, what i think, and what i wonder assignment. I have wrote I notice that in the conversations us classmates have had i notice that people are saying that its easier to Cyber Bully someone from a different location. “because it is not has easy to get caught if you are a computer and bullying someone that lives far away.” I agree with this because you dont have to put up with them telling on you when you do it.  I wonder If people could bully someone face to face, would they? Or would they do it over the internet?

Responses for the question, “Why are people so addicted to facebook?

Well I have read my responses, and I figured this would happen. 11/17 people are addicted to facebook! 4/17 Are not, and 2/7 kind of are. Well usually I would preveiw my next post, but I am still thinking of a question to figure out! So in my process of thinking, send me a idea, mabey I’ll use it! Check in from time-to-time for updated posts, pages, and tags! Don’t forget to follow me! Thanks!